Advisory Board Member

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Advisory Board Member

Ideal Warehouse Innovations (IWI) is looking for a seasoned entrepreneur and/or business leader who is interested in participating in an advisory board for the business.


The purpose of our Advisory Board is to create a forum where internal leaders at IWI can discuss strategic issues, tap into outside experiences and expertise and obtain advice in areas where we, as a small business, do not have enough expertise. Essentially, we are looking to have on-going dialogue with individuals who have been successful in growing businesses, who are willing to devote some time to providing insight and access to their expertise. The relationship is intended to be informal, with specific topics to be organized for each discussion.

Meeting Locations

Greater Toronto Area

Time Commitment

1 initial full day, plus up to 2 half days per year. 2-3 phone calls per year.


Apply here, before June 15, 2017.



Types of experience that we are looking for includes:

  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Supply chain experience
  • Acquisitions experience
  • Engineering/patent experience
  • Connections/referral networks
  • Experience operating in multiple jurisdictions, or expansion to U.S., Central & South America, Europe
  • Strong operations experience (including talent acquisition, motivation)
  • Implementing systems such as LEAN, Six Sigma or 5S, or have implemented a full-scale ERP system
  • Financing background


Ability to contribute to a growing business.

Apply your expertise to something completely different.

Networking opportunities.

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Meetings are intended to be in the Greater Toronto Area. Are you able to attend in-person meetings in the city?