About Ideal Warehouse Innovations Inc.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations are designers, engineers, manufacturers and (as our name suggests!) innovators in industrial workplace and warehouse safety. A busy warehouse can be a dangerous place - our 1000+ product lineup is focussed on protecting people, facilities and equipment from a wide variety of risks. With solutions for forklift safety, loading docks, working at heights, impact protection, and more, we help save lives, prevent injury and minimize damage and downtime.

While the immediate benefits of a thoughtful safety policy are obvious (and critical), in fact a sound workplace safety strategy not only prevents injury and costly damage but can also prevent workflow interruptions that can be costly, inconvenient and long-term.

Safety in the workplace is a thoughtful and responsible HR strategy, a prudent operations initiative and an all-around savvy approach to business planning.

Why Work at Ideal Warehouse Innovations?

We are not in this alone. We can only do the work we do with the commitment of our partners, designers, engineers, distributors and (of course) employees who help us lead the way in workplace safety.

We recently relocated into new premises (a much larger facility), and we are conveniently located in Vaughan, close right off of Highway 27, close to the 407.

Current openings

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